Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tutorial - sew an Easter bunny brooch!

After a lovely day of school Easter services I'm now feeling ready for the two week break and maybe the opportunity to do a little bit of crafting - with and without the kids!

I love using felt and I think it really lends itself to Spring projects because pastel coloured felt is just so more-ish. So here's a little tutorial for a Easter bunny brooch which would make a lovely gift instead of the traditional Easter egg. I don't know about you, but my children get so much chocolate that sometimes we leave the eggs to other people and get them another gift instead.

So here we go!

You'll need:

  • three colours of felt plus a little bit of white.
  • matching embroider silks, plus yellow and black for the bee and a colour of your choice for the flower
  • a brooch pin
  • small embroidery scissors, if you have them - they make cutting the felt easier
  • pins and a needle

1. First, you need to make a template out of stiff paper or card. You will need two circles - mine are 6cm  and 7.5cm - and a rabbit template which will comfortably fit in the smaller circle. If you're confident at drawing, sketch one yourself or scale the one below and print it out.

2. Choose your felt - I've used pink and green for the background, with grey for the bunny and a little bit of white for his tail.

3. Pin the templates to the felt and cut them out. 


You'll need one bunny, two large circles of the same colour, and two small circles, one of each colour. you'll also need a small white circle for a tail.

4. Sew the bunny onto the backing felt using a small running stitch and matching thread. I use three strands for this. 

Do the same for the tail, then embroider an eye and nose using satin stitch - small even stitches close together. Embellish the brooch by adding a little bee and a flower or two. 

I did the flower using lazy daisy stitch which is demonstrated below.

5. Sew the small circle onto one of the big circles. 

Sew the brooch bar securely onto the remaining big circle.

6. Now place the small circle of felt between the two big circles, like a sandwich. This strengthens the brooch. Sew round the outside edge using a small running stitch. I like to keep the front of the brooch nice and tidy with small stitches, widely spaced.

That's it! Wear it or give it to a lucky recipient!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial - I'd love to see pictures of the bunny brooches you've made!


  1. That bee! It's so cute!

    Love the skirt pictured in your last post. I'm not a natural seamstress at all but after watching the GBSB am positively itching to have a go!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Heather x

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