Monday, 17 March 2014

Beach and garden

What fabulous weather we've had - at least here in the usually chilly North East! 

We celebrated the return of Spring by getting out into the garden for a general tidy up. I also managed to re-turf the 'penalty spot' created by my footy-mad kids, and got some seeds planted. Every year I'm determined to grow some veg and every year it doesn't happen - so fingers crossed I've got off to a good start. I've planted some spring onions and salad leaves, and I'm busy chitting some seed potatoes too.

This corner of the garden next to the back door used to be home to a rather manky water butt, so I've ditched that and put some plants on an old metal table to brighten the place up. I put my salad bowl there plus a lovely standard rosemary I got last year which has really come on well. And I added a few primroses for a splash of colour.

Love that purple and yellow combination!

We also headed to one of our beautiful local beaches at Alnmouth for a spot of rock pooling and shell collecting!

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