Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Grey fabric to cheer up a grey day!

I've been out browsing round the shops today and although its still grey and wet outside, all the new Spring collections are on the shelves. So despite feeling lie I'm still in the depths of winter I've decided to start panning a few summery makes. It takes me so long to get sorted, choose fabric and so on that by the time I'm ready to start sewing its almost autumn. I really want to run up a few skirts this year - there are so many lovely fabrics out there.

Bizarrely though,  most of the fabrics I'm drawn to at the moment are, in fact, grey. What's that about?!

As a cat lover and mum of two feline fur babies, I was delighted to find this lovely cat and mouse fabric online. I really like the colours too, as I think it would work well for colder weather with
a black jumper and tights.

 My only problem has been sourcing an adult skirt pattern that's not stuck in the 70's. Seriously, I looked through all the pattern books in John Lewis today and there wasn't anything.

Lots of ra-ra skirts, mid calf numbers and so on but a scary lack of modern, simple a-line patterns. Has anyone else had this problem? I've had a look on Etsy instead but I'd welcome any feedback on pattern sourcing.

 Here are the other fabrics I've been lusting after.

First from Frumble.

And from Fabric Rehab.

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